• Expand Your Business

  • Communicate better

  • Save time

Achieve more by doing less
A single portal for everything. Manage all your clients, candidates and vacancies from a single tool. Keep sending candidates from your favorite ATS, we integrate with it.

Keep your candidates under control at all times. Know immediately the status of your candidates in each search.

Analyze and decide. Measure the return on effort of your searches, and prioritize. Talentier offers an intelligent revenue forecast based on the status of your candidates.

Who can request registration?
Any professional agent in recruiting can apply for registration (recruitment consultants, headhunters or agencies). Talentier analyzes each request individually to ensure it meets the level of quality required by our customers and ensure that will get the most out of our tool.
What are the requirements?
We seek recruitment professionals of different specialization and geographical location, with verifiable experience service, high customer satisfaction and willing to work in a simple, transparent and efficient manner.
How much does it cost to join Talentier?
Joining Talentier is completely free, as well as the use of the tools we offer. Talentier only charges a commission of customer payments in transactions closed through the Marketplace.
How I can access the open positions?
Fill out your profile completely. Once you register, you can get to be invited by our customers for their searches.
Do I have to take any commitment: permanence, exclusivity ...?